Weekend Getaways in India

Weekend Getaway from Bangalore to Belur, Bike Rides

  • Starting Point:


  • Destination:


  • When to Visit:

    November to February

  • Type of Bike Required:

    A well-maintained comfortable bike

  • Cuisine:

    Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian, typically South Indian

  1. Bangalore - Kumbalgodu - Ramanagara - ChannaptnaMadduru - Belur Via Mysore Road


    Approx. 2.5 Hours

  2. Bangalore - Rachanamadu - Kanakapura - Thoraikadanahalli - Doddarasinakere - Belur Via NH948


    Approx. 3 Hours

Weekend getaways are a great idea, but the challenge arises when it comes to choosing a destination that won’t take too much time to reach, and is enjoyable enough to spend your only two free days of the week at. In that case, Belur will be just perfect for you.

Historical Background

Located within the area of Hassan, Belur lies in the nation-state of Karnataka in India. Belur from one part along with Halebidu is well-connected about 16 km away and is one of the major considerable holidaymaker destinations in Karnataka. A long time ago the town which was recognized by the name of Velapura is located on the banks of the river Yagachi in Hassan. This was the city that functions the center of the Hoysala Empire throughout the 11th century. The unit that forms part of monuments and temples constructed by the Hoysala rulers over a period of 300 years offers enough proof for their love of architecture and art and the best between lies in Belur.

The breath-taking art forming and designing bring in a large number of tourists each year.  The Chenna Keshava Temple slang perfectly in the 12th century by the Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana is devoted to Vijayanarayana as an embodiment of particular life to Lord Vishnu. The temple is covered to an extent over the engaging sculptures and carvings on woods done by the Chalukyan craftsperson and lastly, it is a prominent destination for tourists and worshipper.

Let us have a look at the bike route that you will need to take to get the Belur from Karnataka.

Option 1: Bangalore – Kumbalgodu – Ramanagara – ChannaptnaMadduru – Belur

  • Starting point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Ending point: Belur (Karnataka)
  • Via: Mysore Road
  • Distance: 94.5 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 2.5 Hrs
  • Type of Road: Generally in decent condition

You may take the Mysore Road route to ride from Bangalore top Belur. It will take you approximately 2 and a half hours to complete the 94.5 kilometer long journey. With fairly good roads, it should be mostly a smooth run.

Option 2: Bangalore – Rachanamadu – Kanakapura – Thoraikadanahalli – Doddarasinakere – Belur

  • Starting point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Ending point: Belur (Karnataka)
  • Via: NH948
  • Distance: 128 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 3 Hrs
  • Type of Road: Generally in decent condition

The route to Belur from Bangalore via the NH948 stretches over 128 kilometers. Riding continuously, with breaks for meals and refueling, you should be able to get there in approximately 3 hours.

Places to Stay

From a great distance of city life and being a long way down in Karnataka‘s ancient remote areas is Belur & Halebid. So, let your ability to form pictures in mind run wild in the midst of the gravestone monuments as you are taken from one place to another into the area of interest of a bygone era.

Types of Accommodation Available

The Resort here is involving into plants wonderland. Gracefully planned, tastefully decorated with different types of prehistoric objects, established together to construct traditional materials and covered carefully with trees and flowers. The entire journey of Belur will leave you amazed. The Villa’s are a manifestation that represents the quality of luxurious extravagance. Staying at Palace is a flawless merger of tradition with the modern accessory. The delicate way of wooden carvings coupled with vast interactive spaces creates the perfect place of aura for a truly enriching holiday. The high-ranking Cottages are deluxe and very comfortable retreats ensconced in thickly wooded gardens. Designed to keep in existence privacy, each particle of designed rooms are a great pleasure to experience free space with all basic amenities.

One can discover out some simple and not complicated type of accommodation facilities here in Belur, for top end hotels one will have to move further afield. On the other side, Halebid has a state tourism roadside hotel designed primarily that gives several facilities to its guests.

Places to Visit

Belur is not just a place; it’s an expression of feeling and ideas created with powerful passion. It is an ideology to give and gain from nature. It does not offer just a stay but a healthy-giving experience that will improve your life either physically or emotionally. A holiday, to make someone feel energetic, understand, regain and to craft memories which will last a lifetime!

After following a dusty drive between open lands from one end, with grassland on the other side culminating in congested roads and towns having too much traffic and movement one can enter the Belur Temple Complex. You can also look for the sculptures unlike you have ever seen before. Stones do not admonish at Halebid and Belur. They chant.

Chenna Kesava Temple

The temple complex has two door passageways but only one large pyramidal tower over the entrance gate. This existing building walls and tower was built in the year 1397, an area of the Mahadwara that was undergone rapid combustion during the ruling time of unpredictable Mohammad Bin Tughlak.

After coming into a particular place, one is surprised by the vision straight ahead. The temple maintains an upright position on a raised platform and looks like a carved decorative box made of wood polished to perfection, rather than something made of the gravestone. The temple has a flat roof because its mythological flying palaces or chariots were demolished in the year 1879 to keep one safe from the sanctum organization where very few people are allowed to enter. There are a tank and another material perforated in the series of stone screens between the spaces of the exterior pillars from the main shrine. The habitat in Belur is one of the most-pleasant temples in India.


Halebidu, a small built-up area with the name of Hassan district of Karnataka, is well-known for its temples constructed during the Hoysala period. Moving in a constant direction with Belur and Shravanabelagola, Halebidu forms the visible shape of the Golden Triangle. One of the art forming marvels, the holy place exhibits admirable scrollwork in stone which stands over an elevated platform. This star-shaped person will is a combination of two similar temples with separate sanctuaries and a temple porch. Between the notable significant attractions of the temple are Nandi, a bull and a chariot of Lord Shiva, which are well connected to the temple by a pathway.

Kedareshwar Temple

Kedareshwara Temple is one of the well-desired holy places of the region that represents Chalukyan methodology of architecture. The sanctum attributes two beautifully decorated Hoysala symbol. The existence of the temple is believed to be built in 1319; the shrine of Kedareshwara is in ruins and has never been established to its indigenous architecture. The temple entirely below the ground exhibits a surplus of carvings illustrating stories of epics such as the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Bhagavad Gita. The walls and the upper interior surface of Kedareshwara Temple are beautifully decorated.

Things to Eat

Belur is finished artistic to keep possessing the local Flavors. The restaurant here in “Belur” offers different types of cuisine’s keeping in mind everyone’s roof of the mouth and giving special significance on Local and Malnad style of cooking. All the food accessible here is especially skilled in a way from fresh organic ingredients.

Hassan freely transfers an opportunity to try something in Malnad specialties such as ragi balls with both mutton and Veg stews, which flavors the essential dishes of Keralite cuisines. Indian nutriment food can be adored at the eating house. The Restaurants in Belur is prominent for its Indian and Continental food served. The multi-cuisine restaurant is admired for its Continental and non-spicy Indian dishes. The coffee shop and bar available here are also quite busy because the scenic beauty makes one spend more time. If you don’t want to dash back for lunch at Hassan, you can also try Udipi-style eatery.

Best Time to Visit

Belur experience with joy the tropical climate, just like the neighboring cities. It neither experience unreasonably high measured amount of heat in the summer, nor is there freezing cold in the winters, By the time it is November, Belur gets ready to escort in the winter season, and the winter season in the region lasts till the month of February. The intensity of temperature ranges between 24°C to 31°C. December is considered as the cool freezing month of the year. So, put light woolen clothes in your bag while going closer to Belur. This is considered as the perfect time to spend time in Belur.

Belur is an agricultural town in the Hassan district of Karnataka. The lush should take you approximately 2 and half hours to get to Belur from Bangalore by bike.

Since the ride is such a short one, you may leave Bangalore on Friday evening itself. Once you arrange for a good A/C or non-A/C accommodation where you can spend Friday and Saturday night, you are free to go and enjoy the place as much as you want. With the number of temples and beautiful scenic views, you will find yourself quite entertained for both the days that you spend at Belur. Once you have enjoyed yourself to the fullest, you may leave for your return ride on Sunday evening, so that you can have a good night’s rest, and a wonderful week to follow.

Now that you’ve had a gist of the fun that awaits you at Belur, maybe it’s time to plan up your next weekend trip accordingly!! Get riding, let’s go..!