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Weekend Getaway from Mumbai to Harihareshwar, Bike Rides

  • Starting Point:


  • Destination:


  • When to Visit:

    October to March

  • Type of Bike Required:

    An off-road bike to sustain the road full of gravels nearby the coastal area.

  • Cuisine:

    Maharashtrian Cuisine

  1. Mumbai - Vashi - Padeghar - Kasar Bhat - Roha - Mhasala - Harihareshwar Via NH66


    Approx. 6 Hours

  2. Mumbai - Vashi - Wahal - Kolkhe - Wavandhal - Pali - Sukeli - Mangaon - Mhasala - Harihareshwar Via SH92


    Approx. 6 Hours

‘Harihareshwar’ a beautiful location nearby the coastal belt of Maharashtra is a beautiful town of Raigad District. The name of the town itself means ‘the town of Lords’. This really beautiful town is renowned with its “Lord Harihareshwar” temple, also named as one of the topmost spiritual locations of Maharashtra. The route is a smooth one plus the best part is, Mumbai Harihareshwar distance isn’t too far, surely it can be added in your weekend list, no matter it’s a 3 days trip from Mumbai or a 2 days trip from Mumbai.

One may experience a few sharp turns from Jasvali. Apart from the spiritual touch, this famous location is perfectly blended with the touch of beautiful sandy beaches likes: Harihareshwar Beach, Shrivardhan Beach, Kelshi Sand Dune, and many more places. Beaches are preferred to be the perfect photographic locations. Apart from the beach, you also get to see the huge fort, one of the popular forts is Bankot with major tourist footfall stepping on it.

The location is just not restricted to spirituality and peace; it also offers a crazy touch when it comes to thrill and challenging activities for bike riders who are really fond of adventures and want to get a break from the monotonous life, so for adventure and sports lovers, the beaches here have a lot to offer for water sports lovers. Being a spiritual city there are many temples with historic importance such as Kalbhairav Temple, Shankar Temple, Somaja Devi Temple, to name a few. Ganesh Gully is an interesting location where an idol of Lord Ganesh is submerged 30 feet within the water. People especially visit the location during high tide as it is a belief that the idol is visible at such times. The cuisine here is a typical Maharashtrian one, Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Kokum Sharbat, and much more.

Historical Background

Harihareshwar is an ancient place; the temple at one look today is from the Peshwa period. An inscription at the Kalbhairav temple memorial records that it was renovated by the Peshwa in 1723. Chandrarao More of Javali completed the steps. Shivaji Maharaj had visited Harihareshwar in 1674 at the same time Samarth Ramdas Swami came here after visiting Mahabaleshwar. Each temple has a story connected to its sculptures – Hindu epics will leave you spellbound.

If you are wondering how to reach Harihareshwar from Mumbai here is a detailed route description that you can check out before enrooting on the journey. BforBiker can help you with Harihareshwar trip planning process, so all you need to do is pack your bags and go on for the thrillful ride.

Option 1: Mumbai – Vashi – Padeghar – Kasar Bhat – Roha – Mhasala – Harihareshwar

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai)
  • Ending point: Harihareshwar (Raigad District)
  • Via: NH66
  • Distance: approx 179 km
  • Duration: approx 6 hrs

Bike ride to Harihareshwar from this route passes through NH66. It gives a good stretch of about 179 km to the riders, which may approximately turn out into a journey of about 6 hrs. A turning point waits for the riders near Kasar Bhat. The scenic views of the route nearby small villages lift up the mood of the riders.

Option 2: Mumbai – Vashi – Wahal – Kolkhe – Wavandhal – Pali – Sukeli – Mangaon – Mhasala – Harihareshwar

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai)
  • Ending point: Harihareshwar (Raigad District)
  • Via: SH92
  • Distance: 208kms
  • Duration: Approx. 6 hrs

The following road to Harihareshwar crosses its ways via SH92. Harihareshwar distance from Mumbai from this route can be summed up into 208 km which may take up to a time span of about 6 hrs of the rider to reach the destination. The riders have to pass by the sharp turn after Pali.

Places to Stay

People Visiting in Harihareshwar can stay at Restful Boutique room, Beach Resort or Guest House. Villa here offers relaxed and comfortable along with well designed pleasant rooms to fit the needs of any traveler.

Types of Accommodation Available

Harihareshwar and Kondivli beach (Raigad) are the 2 main essential beaches offering water-sports for the visitors. Water sports such as paragliding and water surfing are offered affordable to the pockets. The place has a lot of accommodation choices according to every budget and liking. Trekking in the nearby cliffs of Shrivardhan is also a major attraction for adventure seekers.

Harihareshwar Places to Visit-

Harihareshwar Beach:  Harihareshwar Beach is situated in the Raigad district. Fenced in by four hills named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri, and Pushpadri, is often referred to as “Devghar” or “House of God”. This famous beach is situated 200 km away from Mumbai and is a great place for people looking for Spiritual relief or beach holiday. Harihareshwar has two beaches on the either of the temple named: Shrivardhan and Diveagar Beach. Plan a popular weekend getaway, especially from Pune and Mumbai. Harihareshwar is an eminent tourist spot in Konkan and is mainly known for its temple and beaches.

Kondivli Beach: This one is a pretty popular beach really famous for water sports, water surfing & even paragliding. Moreover, trek lovers can enjoy trekking over the cliffs of Shrivardhan. There are other attractions well nearby the beach; temples and Harihareshwar fort are few of the things that can be easily accessible from this spot.

Kalbhairav Temple: Kalbhairav Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva; one of the most ancient and the most prominent temples of Maharashtra. The deity of Lord Shiva and Kalbhairav, it is believed that Lord Shiva discovered Kalbhairava and blessed him with all mantras. The architecture of the temple is quite unique and different to engaging art. Apart from the excellent design, cool breeze from the sea originates the temple complex to a cool and pleasant place to sit back and relax. The temple is situated on the banks of River Savitri which flows through this town. This river meets the Arabian Sea at the foot of the hilltop where the temple is situated.

Harihareshwar Fort Nashik: The famous fort that is a major tourist spot is the Bankot fort. It is a place for history lovers; close to the sea makes this fort gets a pretty beautiful touch. You will get an amazing view of the sea from this fort, also this fort looks marvelous, the carvings and everything make it highly unique.

Places to Eat


Konkani food is the best option available here. Authentic Konkani dishes with full of flavor and original elements are very enjoyable. Apart from this, you can also taste the fresh fruits that are grown in the town. You can also enjoy the handmade juices and Sharbat of the juicy fruits such as Amrit kokum and Jambul. The local markets of the town can be spotted at various places while delving into the city.


You can find non-vegetarian menus at a few joints as well as options from a typical North Indian cuisine. Non-Veg Thali consists of two sabzis and daal including 3 rotis or 1 Bhakri, along with Salad and Rice.

Best Time to Visit

It can be visited anytime during the year, though October to March is the perfect months to visit Harihareshwar when the hot weather is a bit at rest. Winter season is the best time to explore this little village. Harihareshwar attracts a humongous crowd of people annually not only its temples but also for its scenic beaches. Refreshing ambiance, panoramic beaches, rustic temples Harihareshwar has it all.

Hope BforBiker was helpful in providing you some necessary information for the bikers heading to Harihareshwar from Mumbai.