Weekend Getaways in India

Weekend Getaway from Mumbai to Kamshet, Bike Rides

  • Starting Point:


  • Destination:


  • When to Visit:

    October to May

  • Type of Bike Required:

    Any bike in good condition will serve the purpose

  • Cuisine:

    Maharashtrain Cuisine

  1. Mumbai - Wahal - Kolkhe - Khopoli - Lonavala - Kamshet Via NH48


    Approx. 3 Hours

  2. Mumbai - Wahal - Padeghar - Kasar Bhat - Khopoli - Lonavala - Kamshet Via Pen-Khopoli Road, NH48


    Approx. 4 Hours

Located in Western Ghats of Maharashtra, ‘Kamshet’ is a small town with houses built in traditional style. The proximity of the location makes it a perfect weekend destination for Mumbai dwellers. Being a beautiful hill station it is a ‘paraglide paradise’. Visitors who have an inclination for escapade can experience paragliding and rock climbing. The visitors who wish to learn paragliding can also get training in the paragliding schools that provide training to the beginners. One can enjoy the scenic beauty from the hilltop of the cliff. The climate always remains breezy and calm here. One can enjoy the rural vibes here. The houses here mostly are made of mud and thatch. The shopping lovers can have a look at the local market of the city to buy some authentic stuff.

Historical Background

Up till mid 90’s Kamshet was just another hick town. Today Kamshet is known to the world for paragliding community as a Paragliding paradise in India. A flying holiday destination because of the tremendous task they undertook in developing infrastructure and popularizing the area as a PG and an adventure holiday resting place.

There are many good-looking spots to be discovered in the surroundings of Kamshet. Some of the particular interests are Karla, Bhaja and Bhedsa caves, ancient Buddhist cave temples with exquisite carvings and magnificent statues of the Buddha.

OPTION 1: Mumbai – Wahal – Kolkhe – Khopoli – Lonavala – Kamshet

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai)
  • Ending point: Kamshet (Mawal)
  • Via: NH48
  • Distance: 105 Kms
  • Duration: Approx 3 Hrs

The following route passes via NH48. The route is a smooth and obstacle-free one, except a few potholes on the way. The journey may extend to a stretch of about 3 hours, ample time for a rider to enjoy a short trip. The best scenic views of the route are experienced in the monsoons, as one experiences lush green mountains and valleys.

OPTION 2: Mumbai – Wahal – Padeghar – Kasar Bhat – Khopoli – Lonavala – Kamshet

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai)
  • Ending point: Kamshet (Mawal)
  • Via: Pen-Khopoli Road, NH48
  • Distance: 125 Kms
  • Duration: Approx 4 Hrs

The following route to Kamshet passes via Pen-Khopoli Road. The route is a smooth one except for a few potholes. Being a mountainous route there are many sharp turns which rider should be alert of.

Places to Stay

Kamshet mounts the ancient trade route between the Konkan region and Pune. The hills in and around Kamshet are dotted with antique cave temples and medieval fortresses. Kamshet has very limited places to stay so tourists for most of the part prefer to stay at Lonavla or Khandala and visit Kamshet for adventurous pursuits. Resorts and paragliding tour operators also offer comfortable choices to stay. Some tour operators offer various dormitories and tents at nominal rates.

Type of Accommodation Available

You can relive the golden memories of your childhood days by staying adventurously in kamshet and you can also enjoy staying in Huts. Indulge in an array of fun-filled games and activities you can also make your stay exciting. There is a lot more during the stay like you can participate in traditional group games such as kho-kho, tug of war, etc. Staying here in kamshet and especially in an aesthetically built hut will give you its warm hospitality.

Located at the short distance you can enjoy staying in Farm villa with all equipped comforts. The touch of splurging wind all over will make you lost to nature. A different view from all the way will surely add some great experiences for the lifetime.

‘Kamshet’ is a perfect weekend destination for Camping as it provides mountain views, water sports facilities and many more. With this beautiful city and having places of same interest, you can also cherish many good places for food which suit with taste. Apart from this, you can make your bike ride more interesting by exploring more ventures places.

Places to Visit

Kamshet is a refreshing getaway from Mumbai and offers some tremendous scenic views of the Western Sahyadris. The Kondeshwar temple is of significance to religious visitors while the Bhandar dongar is the hub for adventure life movement. The Bhairi cave also marks a visit. Know more about the places to visit in:

Kondeshwar Temple: Kondeshwar Temple is the one that is enthusiastically devoted to Lord Shiva. It is a black marble constructed temple that was mounted long back around 400 years that represents ancient Hemadpanthi architecture. Encompassing temple, one can capture beautiful dense forest and a beautiful natural waterfall. Kondeshwar Temple has a scenic view of the pond. The biggest festival of Lord Shiva that is “Mahashivratri” is celebrated with great devotion by devotees of Lord Shiva.

Bhairi Caves: This cave is located at an elevation of 687m from the sea level on the high rocks of kamshet and is well- known for animal sacrifice. Bhairi Cave is a fascinating place to look for a weekend in kamshet. You can reach the cave through trekking. This cave has some cooking utensils inside and it is believed that if anybody tries to steal those present utensils will be punished by Goddess Bhairi.

Bhandar Dongar: Bhandar Dongar is a hill, which is widely known as Temple Hill. An ancient temple located here is devoted to a saint, Sant Tukaram. This is an ancient temple where the devotees visiting the temple are welcomed by sweet tunes of devotional music. This Dongar also attracts adventure enthusiasts as it is one of the preferred paragliding destinations in Maharashtra.

Places to Eat


As kamshet is close to Lonavala and Khandala which offers somewhat extended menu, the local favorites, flavors, and styles are almost identical. The popular items that people prefer here are Misal Paav, Vada Pav, Poha, Dabeli, Puran Poli, Bhel Puri, Paav Bhaaji, and many more. You can also sip rich milkshake found here called has ‘Mastani’ which contains garnished dry fruits.


If you love Non-Veg food than in kamshet you can taste some mostly grabbed street food, there are lots of non-veg dishes to relish here. These include preparation of foods like Chicken, goat, mutton, crab, and fish.

Best Time to Visit

The Best season to visit Kamshet is from October to May. The forte of Kamshet is calm surroundings with pleasant and comfortable weather. There is an always mild breezy atmosphere during this time. As this place is well-known for paragliding, you can spend quality time here enjoying the adventurous sport. From December to February, winter brings all the comforts and beauties to watch. At this time the temperature stays between 12°C to 33°C. People come to Kamshet at this period to take full advantage of the calm and pleasing weather.

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