Weekend Getaways in India

Weekend Getaway from Mumbai to Alibaug, Bike Rides

  • Starting Point:


  • Destination:


  • When to Visit:

    Any time of the year

  • Type of Bike Required:

    Bike that can sustain rough travel like a Mountain bike or an off-road bike with tires that have a good anti-slip grip

  • Cuisine:

    Traditional Konkani food and other continental preparations.

  1. Mumbai - Vashi - Belapur - Sai - Kharpada - Ramwadi - Alibaug Via NH166A


    Approx. 3 Hours

  2. Mumbai -Vashi - Belapur - Wahal - Lodhivali - Khalapur - Pen - Ramwadi - Alibaug Via MH SH 104


    Approx. 3.5 Hours

Alibaug is a coastal town on the way to Goa that is a popular destination for a weekend getaway. With its beautiful beaches and usually pleasant climate, it makes for a great tourist attraction as well.

Though this destination is usually reached by the ferry service along the coast, it is also a dream ride for a biker. The cool breezes that blow from the coast are just perfect for a long motorcycle ride, while the lush green surroundings in the monsoon are no less praiseworthy.

All that you would need to get the perfect experience of riding to Alibaug is a well-maintained, tough motorcycle that won’t let you down, and approximately 3 and a half hours if you don’t mind giving your bike a non-stop run.

One may choose to leave in the night, too, but since the travel time is not too much, it would be more sensible to travel either before the sun starts beating down or as soon as the heat subsides. However, one must stay alert to the fact that traveling in the night is not completely convenient either. One will have to manage the tough roads extremely carefully in deep darkness and will need to be a patient rider too.

Historical Background

Alibag also called Alibaug or Alibagh is a pleasing 300 years old coastal town located in the Raigad District of Maharashtra. It has been alluring the minds of the people aesthetically. The green derived from natural beauty with the pleasant calm and composed beaches has been Alibag’s states to fame in the tourism sector that is distinct from others. It is also headquartered of the Raigad district and had been one of the main neighborhoods of the rich Bene Israel Jews at the historic period of time. Alibag was advanced economically and socially in the 17th Century by Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre the naval chief of King Shivaji’s Kingdom. The region is the only area in the whole Konkan belt to have both Maratha and Portuguese sea-forts on the facing banks of the same inland waterway.

With the Independence approaching India, Alibag changed and grew to a part of the present Raigad district of Maharashtra.

Let us explore the details of how a biker can travel most conveniently from Mumbai to Alibaug.

Option 1: Mumbai – Vashi – Belapur – Sai – Kharpada – Ramwadi – Alibaug

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai)
  • Ending point: Alibaug (Raigad District)
  • Via: NH166A
  • Distance: 92.9kms
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours
  • Type of Roads: Decent roads though rough at some places

The 92.9 kilometer stretch of the NH166A route from Mumbai to Alibaug can be covered in approximately 3 hours of continuous riding. Since the roads are not too bad, you should not feel the strain of traveling. However, you may still take breaks for tea and snacks to make your journey a little more enjoyable.

Option 2: Mumbai – Vashi – Belapur – Wahal – Lodhivali – Khalapur – Pen – Ramwadi – Alibaug

  • Via: MH SH 104
  • Distance: 128kms
  • Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours
  • Type of Roads: Decent roads though rough at some places

The second route to reach Alibaug from Mumbai by ike is via the MH SH 104. It should take you not more than 3.5 hours to get to your destination if you ride continuously. Most of the roads along this 128 kilometer route are in decent condition, so you should enjoy the journey quite a bit.

Places to Stay

Commencing 100 km off from the city of Mumbai is a very attractive coastal town that for so long been the ideal getaway for Mumbaikars and populace from Pune. One can discover or perceive excellent and unique places to stay in Alibaug. Recognized for its famous beaches, it is one of those places where you can escape to on weekends or a year-end vacation. Spending the reckoned from one midnight to the next lazing days one can learn about the coconut and mango plantations which is just the thing that will de-stress you and will get your energy back. Beaches out of the way, Alibaug has more than two but not many terrific points of interest that you don’t want to miss.

The Alibaug Fort was established in the 17th century, is one and draws visitors from near and far. On days when you’re feeling to do something adventurous, you can head out to the fortified Khanderi and Underi islands. A 19th-century lighthouse still stands on Khanderi and can be seen from as far away as 13 km. At the meantime, the whole series of past buffs will have a great time visiting the historic former Portuguese city of Chaul, which now lies in ruins. Murud-Janjira with its 3 huge heavy pieces of artillery also makes a gesture for you to explore it.

Alibaug merges to form tremendous tourist hotspots into a place of significant activity. Whether you are a beach lover you have a desire to unwind near the surf and sand, or eventually who loves long walks while taking that action in the sights of a place, this probably is your next holiday destination. If you have the same opinion in your mind, read on to realize the best places to stay in this very pleasant and charming town. We have put together a list of connected items like resorts, some perfect place for family outing, others for budget travelers and making a sound for those who want to stay at the beach.

Types of Accommodation available

With its visually attractive coastline, Alibaug engages a person who spends time at weekends, from neighboring cities and beach lovers together with all of its countries and peoples. Today, the main town is not only admired by many people for its area of sandy, stony, or rocky land bordering and level with the sea but also for its forts, some of which is situated in the middle of the Arabian Sea. Alibaug also forms a great base for those who want to travel through an unfamiliar area in order to learn down the coastline.

Located on every side of the beaches at Alibaug and Varsoli, you’ll find accommodation that will vary between upper and lower limits on a particular scale from mid-market beach resorts to more upscale hotels. Amenities may comprise private cottages and spas. In more urban districts, you can discover low-priced hotels that furnish more adequate clean and spacious rooms.

Places to Visit

Alibaug Beach

Placed within 2 km off from the city center, Alibaug Beach is the main sightseer action of evoking interest in the city. Christen after Alibaug coast, this beach is comfortably accessible by local transport from any place in Alibaug. The seaside of the Arabian Sea is the place where one can live to this beach which runs for a good 4 km stretch by offering astonishing beach vacation time Who often travel. Being the only one of its kind black sand beach, Alibaug Beach is not only famous for coastal gifts but also for the activity of visiting interesting places. It offers an overwhelmingly impressive outlook of the Kolaba Fort, one of Allbaugh’s greatest vigor tourist destinations. Anyone without any difficulty can access the remains of this fort from the beach.

Kolaba Fort

A magnificent formation that discovers its origin in carbon-days back to the 18th century, Kolaba Fort is Alibaug’s romantic rendezvous with the historical icon. It is fixed in the surrounding of the sea and stands like a protector to some well-kept secrets unseen by others in the past. Kolaba Fort also has its whole series of past events with the great Shivaji Maharaj. This fort without difficulty is reachable from the Alibaug Beach. Neighboring by the salt water of the Arabian Sea, Kolaba Fort has a secret freshwater well inside the surface!

Kihim Beach

There is no ending to coastal destinations in Alibaug; Kihim Beach solely connects to that list! Discovered in the direction of the north of Alibaug, Kihim Beach has to be one of the most forming superlative edges of a large body of water that meets the land translucent mineral cut into shape and polished for an ornament in the Arabian sea of this region. Covered with the luxuriant green vegetation, this beach is a hidden paradise of the ultimate abode for the ones who love to stay away from the unpleasant and prolonged noise of daily life. If you are into the art of taking and processing photographs, this is the place you would want to be in Alibaug! Kihim also takes delight pleasure in the process of arriving seasonal birds and is very rich in other flora and fauna.

Things to Eat

Alibaug is well-known for Foodies World- If you love your taste buds, this is the perfect place to be. Here, the cramped eatery serves very delightful Marathi foods. Sun backdrop pleasing the senses ocean, golden rays flourishing off through reflecting light of waters, waves making loud noises on the beach on a condition of background score, the pleasure of chitter-chatter is enveloping you. It is achieved without great effort; to see why the city is a harsh discordant mixture of sounds with a stand-offish memory at Alibaug.

While village parish style of cooking is always a hot favorite, a few Mumbai restaurants have drizzled in leading with some modish spaces and practice of cooking experiences that at a slow speed changing the culinary visible features of an area in this sleepy hamlet. Alibaug is known about for its mouth-watering seafood. Something freshly caught and cooked fish is the skill to which someone has devoted much time and effort and can be relished in most restaurants there. In addition to this, the South Indian cuisine, too, is worth trying out. If all this sounds too monotonous, round up with someone among friends or family and let the food come to you.

Best Time to Visit

The coastal town of Alibaug is visited often by a person who seeks distraction and relief from unpleasant realities so if you are wishing for some peace of mind from the regular hubbub of the city life Alibaug is a perfect place for you. Full of swarming with self-possessed beaches, majestic forts, peaceful ponds, the almond brown forests, and sacred temples, Allbaugh’s quality of being imposing into the appearance can be perfectly experienced in the month of monsoon.

By giving a sense of enjoyment pleasant winter kick starts from the month of November and stays up till February with all its solemnity and glory. With extreme impressive place the temperature falls down by 14 Degree Celsius during this winter period, this season brings out the splendor and impressiveness of the place. Make a tour to explore the sightseeing places that is admired by many people which will make your destinations get thrills with such chilled weather.

Most riders tend to proceed down the other fork of the divided road as well, and visit Goa, too, if you have more than just the weekend for a vacation. Though this is bound to be a tiresome affair, the passion is what drives them along and gets them through till they finally reach home again.

So what are you waiting for? It’s an adventure that’s just waiting to be explored. Let’s get going with BforBiker. An adventurous holiday is just a few kilometers away. Ride on, add them to your journey and enjoy every minute of the ride!