Weekend Getaways in India

Weekend Getaway from Mumbai to Sula Vineyards, Bike Rides

  • Starting Point:


  • Destination:

    Sula Vineyards

  • When to Visit:

    January to March

  • Type of Bike Required:

    Any bike that is in good condition.

  • Cuisine:

    Maharashtrian food, Specialty: Sabudana Wada, Missal Pav

  1. Mumbai - Bhiwandi - Wada - Nirgudpada - Pegalwadi - Mahiravni - Sula Vineyards Via NH848


    Approx. 6 Hours

  2. Mumbai - Bhiwandi - Kudus - Kalamgaon - Kasara Budruk - Pathardi Phata - Savarkar Nagar - Satpur Colony - Sula Vineyards Via NH160 & NH848


    Approx. 5 Hours

  3. Mumbai - Asangaon - Kalamgaon - Kasara Budruk - Pathardi Phata - Savarkar Nagar - Satpur Colony - Sula Vineyards Via NH160


    Approx. 4 Hours

On hearing the word “wine”, the first words that come to the mouth of most Indians is “Sula”. And why would it not! The Sula Vineyards of Nashik hold a share of almost 70% in the Indian wine market. Its 1800 acre estate stretches over Nashik and even into the state of Karnataka. With tours and tastings conducted every day throughout the year, it has now become a prominent tourist attraction all over the country.

Historical Background

A place in order to look at Sula Vineyards (Nashik), without doubt, will definitely make it easier or possible for you to master your wine testing expertise. Just a tour situated on every side of the attractive and delightful vineyard would indicate you in various senses that are enough for you to fall in love with this multifaceted place.

Sula Vineyards was originated by Mr. Rajeev Samant in the year 1998. Over the last sixteen years, Sula has existed and therefore recognized itself as an explorer and leader in the Indian wine economic activity, with a significant stage in the development across its winemaking, tourism and business ventures. In the intervening period between the sales of its first bottle of wine in the year 1999, Sula has created a mark in the Indian wine industry by taking into one’s possession of the wine market and establishing a firm on permanent basis itself as a pioneer and innovator of ideas and products same as an outstanding quality! As Indians pull the cork out of more bottles of wine, the process of dealing is like joyriding in Nashik, Maharashtra, where Sula Vineyards has deprived the power of its shareholding.

Sula was given a name after Samant’s mother – ‘Sulabha’. Samant in a regular and even manner have been enlarged the company over the next few years by making known of its newly introduced grape varieties and making larger or more extensive company’s offerings. Today in the course of this present day, Nashik region is well-known as the ‘Wine Capital of India’ and is home of nearly 50 wineries establishment.

Since Nashik is not too far away from Mumbai, this destination is very often picked for road trips. Let us see what routes a biker can use to reach this destination.

Option 1: Mumbai – Bhiwandi – Wada – Nirgudpada – Pegalwadi – Mahiravni – Sula Vineyards

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  • Ending point: Sula Vineyards (Nashik, Maharashtra)
  • Via: NH848
  • Distance: 185 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 6 Hrs
  • Type of Roads: Decent roads though rough at some places

This 185 kilometer long route via the NH 848 shouldn’t take anything much more than 5 and half hours to cover. Riding to the Sula Vineyards from Mumbai on this route shouldn’t be too tough, as the roads are pretty well-maintained. You could stop for breaks if you’re okay with your journey taking a little longer. On the whole, you will enjoy this ride quite a bit.

Option 2: Mumbai – Bhiwandi – Kudus – Kalamgaon – Kasara Budruk – Pathardi Phata – Savarkar Nagar – Satpur Colony – Sula Vineyards

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  • Ending point: Sula Vineyards (Nashik, Maharashtra)
  • Via: NH160 & NH848
  • Distance: 186 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 5 Hrs
  • Type of Roads: Not all smooth, but not too bad either

The other route you may use is the one Via the NH160 and the NH848. It should take approximately 5 hours of continuous riding to complete the 186 kilometer long journey from Mumbai to Sula Vineyards on your bike. The roads are not bad, which makes it less of a challenge, but still enjoyable all the same.

Option 3: Mumbai – Asangaon – Kalamgaon – Kasara Budruk – Pathardi Phata – Savarkar Nagar – Satpur Colony – Sula Vineyards

  • Starting point: Kurla (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  • Ending point: Sula Vineyards (Nashik, Maharashtra)
  • Via: NH160
  • Distance: 169 Kms
  • Duration: Approx. 4 Hrs
  • Type of Roads: Decent roads though rough at some places

You also have a third route option, ie, via the NH160. This route is spread over around 169 kilometers, and it should take you approximately 3 and a half hours for you to cover the same, depending on your bike, the weather, and other factors involved in Inter-city bike riding.

Places to Stay

Sula Vineyards place itself is famous for scenic beauty and second its resort in Nashik, and it is not further off than walking distance from its very popular tasting and evaluate different wines or other drinks. Tucked behind safe and comfortable extending in gentle undulations hills of Gangapur and encircled around by the serenity of its calm waters, peaceful and untroubled noise. Today Sula has a new manifestation of a deity icon. State of comfort or elegance vineyard property is now composed of a superb, minimalistic style with Villa accompanied having exceptional unique lake sight perspective and an emotional state of peace, tranquility, and privacy as well as rooms that are a little inlet providing peace and quietness.

Types of Accommodation Available

Sula Vineyards has plentiful to offer visitors. The Source originates at Sula in Nashik makes adequate preparation for accommodation with an exterior open-air swimming pool, spa center, a tennis court, and a fitness center. The chattel marks having all the necessary or appropriate parts of vineyard and winery experience to a person staying at a hotel or guest house. Situated centrally in relation to the diverse kinds of amenities are a large public hall and a bar. This place is located 10 km off from Pandavlena Caves and 11 km at a distance from Sundarnarayan Temple.

A very pleasant and enjoyable new landmark in the heart of India’s premier wine region that moves so as to leave a space allowing access and vision of its doors on a historic site! Nashik’s first establishment of wine is now India’s first property that is special for winery resort, with a Tuscan denoting a classical order of architecture resembling it’s the perfect weekend getaway! With an outstanding pleasing view of the scenic Sula vineyards and showing mild hills turning aside with calm and peaceful, with little movement of Gangapur Lake in the distance – there’s nothing fairly significant like it!

The act of immersing the field of vision, relax by the pool, play tennis, ride a bicycle through idyllic peaceful or picturesque fields and take delight or pleasure in the full vineyard and winery experience at the world famous Sula Vineyards. Rejuvenate yourself, feel better, younger, and more vital or solely enjoy highly pleasant mouth-watering organic food while sipping on some Sula at the Source!

Things to Eat

“See, Swish, Snuffle, Sip,” As soon as you complete your tour of having all the necessary winery, pick your eating meal options for reducing tension and relaxing experience as you will enjoy the taste and flavor from best of Sula with fresh, organic and nourishing food. After the time being once your tour of the vineyards, unreel with a glass or two at The Tasting Room have a view above rolling vineyards with wide scenic views of the Gangapur Lake in the distance. With the furnishing and decoration of a room with an external impulse of Californian wineries, Rooms are a significant place to represent all of the wines available, as you take in the sunset that will make you will relax down the balcony.

Hotels here acknowledge the vibes of social gathering or enjoyable activity and shades of India. It has specially organized and presented recipes paired to the process of being perfect with wines with each suggestion as to the best course of action offering a taste of the colorful aromatic flavoring, flavors, and traditions from generation to generation of India. The kitchen presents a coal roasted Indian clay oven (Tandoor), slow falsified Indian charm and also extremely delicious Indian sweet selection. Sula makes a formal invitation for you to join on a journey full of flavor and acknowledge India’s rich culinary delights of the region at the country’s best-favored vineyard.

Places to Visit

Sula Vineyards

The Sula Vineyards is known about by many people as a famous winery that is situated in Nashik, 180 kilometers off from the northeast of Mumbai and is well-celebrated for its diverse varieties of grape wines, such as Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Zinfandel. The organization reckoned its operation from a basic 30-acre estate in Nashik and now has made larger to approximately 1800 acres extend over across Nashik and Karnataka. This huge estate is allowing access to the general public for a round of wine tasting and a tour of the vineyard on all days throughout the year and has desirably secured immense popularity that is admired over the years.


Saptashrungi is a hill area of variation located 60 km off from Nashik and forms a particular way to the Sahyadri range. It is a mixture of the Sanskrit words ‘sapta’ meaning seven and ‘shrung’ which means peak. These majestic impressive beauties of hills have 108 bodies of water which are called kundas, which at a considerable amount add the pure beauty of the hills. Not only the hills are extraordinary to look at, but the forests on the hills are loaded with medicinal herbs. In fact, as per the Hindu tradition, when Laxman was lying in an insensible way that could only be roused by the ‘sanjeevani’ herb, Lord Hanuman flew to these hills in an act of searching the herb.


This place is well known for its holy land devoted or dedicated for a spiritual worshipper of Ramayana, Panchvati, and venture by offering a lot of pilgrims. A peaceful and tranquil town pinpoint near Nashik, the area offers a small instance of seeing a lot of magnitude in the long and arduous of Ramayana. The traditional story of Panchvati, which clenches a lot of religious significance has become more even in the present day. Sites such as the Kalaram Temple and the Sita Gufaa are on every person list who journey to a sacred place. The Kumbh Mela lay hold on the river banks of Godavari and has an excess of worshippers from every edge of the world during the instant moment of time.

Pandavleni Caves

Uncovered around 8 kilometers off the south center of Nashik in Maharashtra in India, the Pandavleni Caves are belonging to the very past distant of rock-cut caves that are located on the high-level region of the Trivashmi Hills. These caves have existed under the adverse condition for more than 2000 years now and a year back to the period between the 3rd century BC and 2nd century AD. In a way that arouses curiosity, these caves hold their great significance and value till the present day. The Pandavleni caves are a classification of 24 caves that constitute Hinayana Buddhism. The mystical caves are made up of musical fountains, museums and different kinds of food outlets. Multiple elements like a community of monks living under religious vows, a place in associations with a divinity or a sacred person, water tanks, pillars, and design carved from a hard material as an artistic work can also be discovered inside.

Best Time to Visit

The season when ripened crops are gathered that is harvesting months of January to March are the perfect times to spend quality time at Sula Vineyards. You’ll be able to take part or become involved in a wine fast temp and heavy beat activity. To a great extent, it is a popular Sula Fest music performance held during the month of February as well, in the outdoor seating gallery, and presents camping activity in the vineyards.

You may set out for Sula in the early hours of Saturday, and immediately start exploring once you reach. After resting the night at an A/C or Non-A/C accommodation of your choice, you may enjoy your Sunday, and start riding back to Mumbai by early evening so as to reach by nighttime, rest well, and get back to work on Monday morning.

Most people consider a visit to a winery to be one that is meant only for those who love wine tasting and are familiar with alcoholic beverages. However, a visit to Sula Vineyards, as you will discover, is a different thing altogether- Especially if you go there on your bike. The beautiful sights of Nashik and the intricate process that goes into making the wine at the Vineyards will definitely leave you mind-blown and speechless. It is one of those trips that you should just not miss.

To put it simply, pack up, and zoom away. It will be great fun.