Weekend Getaways in India

Weekend Getaway from Bangalore to Mysore, Bike Rides

  • Starting Point:


  • Destination:


  • When to Visit:

    October to February

  • Type of Bike Required:

    Any well-maintained bike will work just fine

  • Cuisine:

    Mostly Vegetarian, Typically South Indian

  1. Bangalore- Srirangapatna- Mysore Via Mysore Road


    Approx. 3 Hours

  2. Bangalore- Malavalli- Mysore Via NH948

    159 kms

    Approx. 3.5 Hours

  3. Bangalore- Visweswarapura- Srirangapatna- Mysore Via NH75 and NH150A


    Approx. 4 Hours

Living in the capital city of a state is synonymous with having a busy urban lifestyle. Bangalore (officially named “Bengaluru”) is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, and is home to a population of over ten million people! So, definitely, at least on a weekend, you would want to take off and get out of the city to have a bit of a change. One of the popular destinations near Bangalore, that you can go top on a weekend, is Mysore – located at the base of the Chamundi Hills, in Karnataka itself.

Historical Background

The historic resolution of Mysuru (which changed its name from Mysore in 2014) is one of South India’s most enchanting cities, famed for its glittering royal heritage and majestic monuments and buildings. The palace you see at Mysore is apparently the third or the fourth generation of the palatial structure built over this location by the ruling dynasty.

Many reasons, including the shift in power and another disaster, caused the destruction of older citadels. The one thing that probably remained unchanged throughout the stronghold history is probably its name – Mysore Palace. Originally this area was a part of the projection. A fortified area with channels all around as in any military architecture, at presently the palace is in the administrative control of the government body called Mysore Palace Board.

Even today it is, though the mastering palace structure steals the show. You can see the fort walls and some trench on either side of the main gateway (Jayamathanda Gateway) to the east of the palace compound. The original fort was created in as early as 1574 CE. The construction of the fort is often accredited to Chamaraja Wodeyar IV, the then ruler of Mysore.

We shall now have a look at the route that you should take to get to Mysore from Bangalore on your bike.

Option 1:Bangalore-Channapatna-Madduru-Srirangapatna-Kesare-Mysore

  • Starting Point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Destination: Mysore (Mysuru, Karnataka)
  • Via: Mysore Road
  • Distance: 144 kms
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours
  • Type of roads: Tar roads, decent condition

If you would like to ride to Mysore from Bangalore, you may use the Mysore Road route. This route is 144 kilometers long and can be covered in approximately 3 hours. The roads aren’t bad, so you won’t feel too worn out.

Option 2:Bangalore-Kanakapura-Malavalli-Harohalli-Mysore

  • Starting Point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Destination: Mysore (Mysuru, Karnataka)
  • Via: NH948
  • Distance: 159 kms
  • Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours
  • Type of roads: Tar roads, decent condition

Another option is the NH948 route. This 159-kilometer distance can be covered in around 3 and a half hours. You may stop for breaks on the way, and will surely enjoy the journey.

Option 3:Bangalore-Visweswarapura-Herur-Nelligere-Nagamangala-Bellale-Srirangapatna-Mysore

  • Starting Point: Cubbon Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  • Destination: Mysore (Mysuru, Karnataka)
  • Via: NH75 and NH150A
  • Distance: 187 kms
  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours
  • Type of roads: Tar roads, decent condition

Yet another possible route is the NH75 and the NH150A. You can cover the 187-kilometer route by bike in approximately 4 hours depending on the type of bike, the condition of the road, and the weather on the day of travel.

Places to Stay

Mysore is a peaceful city. Every layout has its own charm. So, preferred areas would be:

Niveditha Nagar, Bogadi, Kanakadasanagar, Gokulam, Siddhartha Layout, Subhash Nagar, Vijayanagara staying here will make your mind and soul peaceful with retired type ambiance.

If you are a frequent traveler by your own transport then Hebbal, Banni mantap NRMohalla are best places to stay. Also, there is the Educational Institutions at Bogadi, Gangotri-Layout, Jaylakshmipuram, Vonticoppal Saraswatipuram. Hinkal, J.P Nagar, Kuvempunagar and Ramakrishnanagar. Nazarbad, NR Mohalla, Vidyaranyapuram are the bustling business centers in the city.

Types of Accommodation Available

Mysore is popularly known for its Royal heritage buildings which were constructed in the year 1912. From climbing Chaumundi Hills to lazy walks on Devaraja Market, there is a wide array of entertaining things to do on a Mysore trip to meet your strong desire for activity.

In Mysore, you can look for the best and the cheapest Hotels or Lodges. One of the best budget hotels in Mysore is centrally located near railway station & bus stand which offers best-in-class services and facilities for a delighted stay including smartly rented with furniture rooms along with a range of modern amenities. So, stay smart and explore the beauty, history, and culture of Mysore city!

Places to Visit

Mysore Palace

The perfect symbol of magnificence and grandeur, Mysore Palace was once the residence of Wodeyar dynasty rulers who ruled Mysore for seven centuries. The palace is considered as one of the largest palaces in India with more than 2.7 million visitors every year. The brilliant architecture and winding craftsmanship with which these built makes it an incredible masterpiece. The doorways and corridors will make you travel through time to stories of the past.

The palace consists of pavilions, large halls, and lots of shrines. During the most celebrated Dussehra festival, the palace is richly decorated to exhibit the culture and heritage of those times. In the evening time, when highlighted by more than 98000 light bulbs, it is a spectacular sight worth capturing in your minds for forever.

Lalitha Mahal

The second largest palace of Mysore, Lalitha Mahal was originally built to serve as a guest house to the royal family’s guests. It is located at the foot of Chamundi Hills and also offers gleaming views of the hills around.

The elegant interiors of the palace adorned with Belgian crystal chandeliers and Persian carpets are spectacular. A part of the palace has now been transformed into a heritage hotel and is being managed by India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).

Jaganmohan Palace

One of the best places to visit in Mysore today is Jaganmohan Palace which was initially constructed to be used as a residence for royal family but it was later converted to an art gallery. The gallery house here has many valuable objects made by humans and artworks from South India. The well-known works of Indian artists such as Raja Ravi Verma’s oil paintings and S.G.Heldnkr’s “Lady with the lamp” are also displayed here in this palace. The antiques and some complicated masterpieces also feature at the art gallery.

Karanji Lake

Representing over 90 acres, the largest lake in Karnataka is a beautiful and serene sight. Karanji Lake is located at the base of Chamundi hills and recognize as the best option for enjoying nature’s scenic views.

Adding to it, the climax of the lake is India’s largest walk-through aviary that consists of houses more than 70 species of birds. Serving as a home to a migratory bird, it is a magnificent spot for all the bird lovers and nature admirers and one of the must-visit tourist places in Mysore.

Melody World Wax Museum

It is the third largest art museum in India. Melody World is one of its form class categories. As the name suggests, the museum displays a collection of over a hundred wax statues and over three hundred music instruments.

The instruments and bands are displayed here range from stone age to the modern date exhibiting different genres such as Jazz, Pop, Chinese, Tribal, Rock, Punjabi Bhangra, Hip Hop etc. It is a commendation to the famous music artists from all over the world.

Chamundi Hills and Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundi Hills is situated 13 km away from Mysore and there lies a beautifully sculptured Chamundeshwari temple atop the hills. To reach this temple you need to flight 1000 steps. The architecture of the temple is very creative and eye-catching with 7 tiers Gopuram and 7 Golden Kalash at the top. Handcrafted with superior quality, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and depicts her with 8 hands (also known as Ashtabhuja). A tour of the hills and the temple is ideal for a day of sightseeing in Mysore.

Things to Eat

The cuisine of Mysore has a well-defined influence of Udipi cuisine on its dishes. One of the most popular items here is the traditional sweet, Mysore Pak. It is a delicious sweet dish that is made of roasted gram flour and butter. It is a long-established traditional South Indian sweet dish. Other than this, Mysore’s platter is filled with authentic, traditional and local cuisines. These include Idli, Dosa, Shavige Bath, Pongal, Chutneys and Pickles, Vangi bath (rice with Brinjal curry), Bisi Bele bath (a spicy preparation of rice) as well as lots of sweets such as Payasam, Jalebi, Rave Unde, Ladoo and many more. Indian filter coffee and Adike (Areca nut) with Betel leaf are also famous items available here in Mysore.

Best Time to Visit

Mysore assuredly has a tropical climate, but the Monsoons and winter are the best time to visit the city. The monsoon – winter months from July – February has pleasant weather as a short period of rest from the intense heat of summer. In these months Mysore attracts the charm of beauty; summers are less recommended for traveling and sightseeing.

A location where you can make your stay, have fun with doing multiple activities and enjoy the birds-eye view of the entire town is something that you will find really worth of experiencing in Mysore.

Mysore is located at the base of the Chamundi Hills, in Karnataka itself. At a distance of approximately 144kms from Bangalore, it shouldn’t take you more than around 3hours and 15minutes to get there depending on traffic, riding speed and the condition of your bike. The roads are well constructed and flanked with lush greenery that will calm you down and improve your mood considerably. You could stop off for some wonderful filter coffee, or an idli-vada snack to make your beautiful ride even more memorable. Once there, you will find that there is no shortage of things to do in Mysore.

You could set out from Bangalore on a Friday evening, so that you reach Mysore, have a good night’s sleep, and make the most of your Saturday with a visit to the famous Mysore Palace, the Mysore Zoo and the Mysore Railway Museum where you can engage in a whole lot of entertaining activities. You could also visit the Brindavan Gardens or spend some time at Karanji Lake to enjoy the beauty of nature. There is a number of A/C and Non-A/C accommodation options that you can choose from for your Saturday night’s rest, after having savored a delicious Mysore-style dinner at a restaurant of your choice. For your Sunday outing, a visit to the Chamundeshwari Temple or the St. Philomena’s Cathedral would be a must. You may then begin your ride back in the evening to return to Bangalore with some really good memories.

So plan your next weekend now itself, get your bike ready, and get set to enjoy a weekend getaway to Mysore!