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Yamaha FZ FI V3.0 Streetfighter gets a New 2021 Look That’s Stealing the Attentions…

Yamaha FZ FI V3.0 Streetfighter gets a New 2021 Look That’s Stealing the Attentions…

Prices in Different Metro Cities

₹ 1.14 Lakh
₹ 1.13 Lakh
₹ 1.13 Lakh
₹ 1.14 Lakh
₹ 99,900
₹ 1.14 Lakh

Key Highlights

  • Displacement
    149 cc
  • Mileage
    49.31 Kmpl
  • Top Speed
    115 Kmph
  • Kerb Weight
    135 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    13 litres
  • Seat Height
    790 mm

Latest on Yamaha FZ FI V3.0

The 2021 Yamaha FZ FI V3 witnessed a massive price hike of about Rs 2500 for the select models. However, what’s new is the BS6 update which the riders were desperately looking for in this version which has added more significant benefits to the bike’s performance.

Although the power has dropped with the BS6 update, the torque seems to bump up. There are many exciting updates in the newly launched Yamaha FZ FI; it has gained substantial features and a 2 kg weight reduction.

Also, the rear subframe gets better and comfortable since it is a lot flatter now, delivering comfort to the pillion.

It sounds interesting since Yamaha’s fans are desperate to know if the premium price hike is worth it or no? However, it’s not just the safety that Yamaha takes good care of; there are significant loads of features that add more value to the bike.

The street cruising comfort that this bike offers already has given many riders a reason to consider buying it. With that, its charming, beefier and muscular design has a whole different set of audience liking and adoring it.

Introduction of Yamaha FZ FI V3.0

Yamaha has over the year established a solid position as a leading bike manufacturer in the country. The company is famous for its beast bike collection, and time and again, the brand surprises its fans by introducing handsome bikes in the market.

Lord of the street, FZ-FI is, hands down, Yamaha’s Best-selling motorcycle, continuing the legacy of sheer power and brilliance-ness, the Yamaha blue core concept. It gets safely equipped with the BS6 engine, which makes the riding experience pretty superior.

The third-generation Yamaha FZ FI gets updated and upgraded to be a lot better and muscular than its initial offering. In addition, the core blue concept in the Yamaha majorly conceptualises power along with optimum fuel effect.

Yamaha thrills the rider with this latest motorcycle through its speed, smooth acceleration, comfortable feel while overtaking and a lot more. In addition, it gets an entirely new bodywork, premium and aggressive design, beefier tank look and a lot more.

Also, the mileage is quite convincing, enough for you to give it a thought. Yamaha launched the 2021 version of this bike with a premium price tag, and fans cant wait to know what’s more in store for them.

The motorcycle is pretty lightweight, offering smoother control while also enhancing the economy. The power to weight ratio in the bike gets the right proportion to keep you zipping, which is worth considering. In addition, it offers comfort maneuvering in the city.

With that, its quirky and trendy design gets stored for the rider to enjoy community in the city.

New Updates of Yamaha FZ FI V3

Yamaha motorcycles have launched the 2021 FZ FI with a price tag higher and a lot of modification that makes it worth it. Now, the bike includes a side stand engine cut off switch as a standard addition.

With that, the bike will get offered in two different colours, Metallic Black and Racing Blue. In addition to it, Yamaha has also claimed to have upgraded and redo the exhaust system; this way, the bike is expected to produce better sound.

The sound of the bike genuinely matters the most; it adds more charisma and boldness to the overall look and feels; with the update, riders will be at a more significant advantage.

Thankfully, riders who complain about the FZ FI being a bit bulkier, muscular and heavy get great news.

The bike’s weight gets reduced by 2 kgs, weighing only 137 kg even after adding a pretty load of features. Rest, the other elements of the motorcycle, including the design, remains unchanged.

Highlights of Yamaha FZ FI V3.0


The new Yamaha FZ FI gets polished with a Blue Core concept driven by a 149cc 2-valve single-cylinder engine. The blue core technology is majorly responsible for adding maximum power along with additional fuel efficiency performance.

One can feel the thrill while riding Yamaha as they accelerate smoothly from a stop. It complies very well with the BS6 standards, and the engine churns out a maximum of 12.4 PS power @ 7,250 r/min and 13.3 N.m torque @ 5,500 r/min.

With that, the FZFI has a compression ratio of 9.6:1 and gets equipped with a single-channel ABS as standard.

With the BS6 feature added, the output has gets reduced by 0.8PS less than before. In contrast, the torque seems to have shot up by 0.8Nm to 13.6Nm. This motor in the bike sends the power to its rear wheel via a 5-speed gearbox and chain final drive.


If there was any bike in the brand’s line, in desperate need of a gorgeous design update, it was of the FZ series. As a result, Yamaha FZ FI gets introduced in the market with significant changes in design, making it look a lot beefier yet compact.

The comfortable two-level seat offers an excellent fit and feel. At the same time, the cushions work wonderfully to provide an upright riding position. What’s aesthetically pleasing is the LED headlight that shines bright, cater well with its excellent visibility in the dark.

The LED headlight uses a reflector, delivering ideal light projection, with two separate bulbs, for high and low beam experience. In addition, the newly designed muffler protector is one major contributing factor for the overall sharpness.

With that, the bike’s under-cowl gets designed for enhancing the sport appearance.


Yamaha FZ FI comes in two iconic colours, which are fascinating and add a remarkable charm. The colours are Racing Red & Metallic Blue. So choose from your favourite colour or pick the one that goes well with your personality.


The bike gets a Negative LCD instrument cluster panel with a stylish looking black background and added white lettering.

The bike delivers comfortable ergonomic, excellent handling, and a fuel efficiency ver convincing, way better than other 160s.

Riders get a whole load of information from the tachometer, Trip 2, F Trip, speedometer, fuel gauge, ABS lamp warning, Trip 1, clock, to a lot more.

In addition, it also has an ECO indicator for a more fuel-efficient riding experience.

With the under-cowl feature, a lower engine fairing gets delivered to avoid mud and dirt splatter massively.

The smart-looking headlight, of course, adds quite a refreshing tone to the look of the bike but hasn’t been one big reason to impress by its performance.

Customers are free to customise and add Bluetooth-enabled consoles to the motorcycle, and this can get done with a premium of Rs 3000.

Disc brakes very well handle braking duties at both ends with 282mm disc at the front and 220mm at the rear.

When talking about tyres, it gets tubeless tyres with front 100/80-17M/C 52P and rear 140/60R17M/C 63P. The Monocross suspension contributes to its excellent shock-absorbing capabilities.

So, considering all the above points, it can get concluded that Yamaha FZ FI V3 gets feature-rich. The rider enjoys a well-controlled and comfortable riding experience, even during bumps and quick braking.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha FZ FI V3


  • The Yamaha FZ is such a platform that the brand is betting on success for a very long time. From the company’s point of view, it is a sure shot product.
  • From a rider point of view, it is everything a rider needs to feel the riding experience top class, better fuel efficiency and great mileage.
  • It is an excellent premium commuter motorcycle, powered by a very smooth engine and best-rated technology.
  • If you are one of those who loves cornering, you will fall in love with this bike, as it doesn’t let you lose confidence.
  • With that, durability and long-lasting is what you can expect from this V3 of Yamaha’s FZ model.
  • The bike is exceptional for the city as well as short touring. Long touring can be possible, but you need to modify it before you embark on the journey.
  • The Yamaha FZ FI V3 is a better up-gradation while maintaining its originality with a muscular and refined look.
  • Also, the previous update on the bike has made it 2kg lighter and extra- added features for better safety.


  • Even though a very smart looking LED headlight gets added to the bike, you won’t be delighted with its performance.
  • When talking about the fit and finishing of the bike, these levels are not as convincing as the first-gen bike.
  • If looking at the fuel tank, it might look a bit bulky to some extent while also reserving around the unique design.
  • The Yamaha FZ FI V3 also lacks performance, even with its muscular looks and comfortable riding position.
  • One can say that the bike is underpowered, the weight is positive. However, maximum power and torque performance are average.
  • The illumination one receives from the LED light is very poor, compared to the other bikes in the segment,
  • You can not expect clear visibility or riding experience; it might be decent but not convincing enough to ride at night.
  • The beefier fuel tank has non-proportional extensions; that compact wheelbase still needs to be worked upon.

Specifications & Features

Power & Performance

  • Fuel Type
  • Max Power
    12.2 bhp @ 7,250 rpm
  • Max Torque
    13.3 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
  • Emission Standard
  • Displacement
    149 cc
  • Cylinders
  • Bore
    57.3 mm
  • Stroke
    57.9 mm
  • Valves Per Cylinder
  • Compression Ratio
  • Ignition
    Transistor Controlled Ignition
  • Spark Plugs
    1 Per Cylinder
  • Cooling System
    Air Cooled
  • Transmission
    5 Speed Manual
  • Transmission Type
    Chain Drive
  • Gear Shifting Pattern
    1 Down 4 Up
  • Clutch
    Wet, Multi Disc
  • Fuel Delivery System
    Fuel Injection
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    13 litres
  • Reserve Fuel Capacity
    2 litres
  • Riding Range
    585 Km
  • Mileage - ARAI
    49.31 Kmpl
  • Mileage - Owner Reported
    45 kmpl
  • Top Speed
    115 Kmph
  • Engine Type

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension

  • Braking System
    Single Channel ABS
  • Front Brake Type
  • Front Brake Size
    282 mm
  • Rear Brake Type
  • Rear Brake Size
    220 mm
  • Calliper Type
    Dual Piston
  • Wheel Type
  • Front Wheel Size
    17 inch
  • Rear Wheel Size
    17 inch
  • Front Tyre Size
    100/80 - 17
  • Rear Tyre Size
    140/60 - R17
  • Tyre Type
  • Radial Tyres
  • Front Tyre Pressure (Rider)
    28 psi
  • Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider)
    28 psi
  • Front Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion)
    28 psi
  • Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion)
    28 psi
  • Front Suspension
    Telescopic Fork
  • Rear Suspension
    7-Step Adjustable Monocross Suspension

Dimensions & Chassis

  • Kerb Weight
    135 kg
  • Overall Length
    1,990 mm
  • Overall Width
    780 mm
  • Overall Height
    1,080 mm
  • Wheelbase
    1,330 mm
  • Ground Clearance
    165 mm
  • Seat Height
    790 mm
  • Chassis Type
    Diamond Type

Manufacturer Warranty

  • Standard Warranty (Year)
    2 Year
  • Standard Warranty (Kilometers)
    30000 Kilometers


  • Odometer
  • DRLs (Daytime running lights)
  • Mobile App Connectivity
  • GPS & Navigation
  • USB charging port
  • Front storage box
  • Under seat storage
  • AHO (Automatic Headlight On)
  • Speedometer
  • Fuel Guage
  • Tachometer
  • Stand Alarm
  • Stepped Seat
  • No. of Tripmeters
  • Tripmeter Type
  • Low Fuel Indicator
  • Low Oil Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Pillion Backrest
  • Pillion Grabrail
  • Pillion Seat
  • Pillion Footrest
  • Digital Fuel Guage
  • Start Type
    Electric Start
  • Shift Light
  • Killswitch
  • Clock
  • Battery
    12V,4,OAH (10H)
  • Headlight Type
    LED Headlamp
  • Brake/Tail Light
    LED Tail Lamp
  • Turn Signal
  • Pass Light
  • Additional features
    Side stand engine cutoff switch

Expert Reviews

  • The new FZFI is no doubt promising, with its blue core engine, extra added feature, safety and, of course, charming designs.

  • The FZ FI is given a forward lean only to create a bold, massive form design look. It expresses a sense of power in the motor, achieved by the fuel tank design pushed forward.

  • The bike’s ignition timing and the injection ma z ps get redone for making the rider feel good during acceleration.

  • With disc and ABS, one can enjoy improved braking performance, stability, and control over the motorcycle.

  • The 140mm Wide Radial Tyre ensures a low rolling resistance gets delivered along with an exceptional fuel economy and excellent grip.

  • The pillion seat gets redone. It makes the rider and the pillion enjoys cruising in the city and making the most out of the time.

  • The pillion seat has large seating surface areas, about 16%, with a 26 mm wider hip area for added comfort.

  • This bike is undoubtedly excellent for city and daily commuting; the mileage is good enough, making it the best beast of Yamaha.

  • The rider will adore the bike because it is very great at balancing, giving you control over your riding.


Overall, the Yamaha FZ FI V3built quality is the most prominent and decisive point for you to consider buying it.

The paint and colour option speaks for itself; it’s is fresh, not new but looks good. Overall the fit and finish could have been better, but the top speed and mileage performance are compelling.

The upright riding position, pillion comfort, beefier look, better control and grip are exciting bike features.

You can have a great time touring in the city and enjoy it also for short touring. Last but not least, in the price range that it offers, the bike is loaded with features.

As well as the technology you can use, Bluetooth-enabled “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X”. If you are more of a city rider, someone who wants control, decent power, and safety. Then, Yamaha FZ FI V3 is a very suitable and appropriate choice for you to pick.


What is the tyre type of Yamaha FZ FI V3?

The Yamaha FZ FI V3 has got tubeless tyres.

Which bike is better, Yamaha FZ FI V3 or Yamaha FZS FI V3?

Both are almost similar, only the S variant offers additional colour and body graphics better, and engine guard is present. Rest all features, design, and performance are alike.

What is the mileage of the Yamaha FZ FI V3?

The Yamaha FZ FI V3 gives a mileage of around 58 kmpl.

Will the motorcycle be able to travel on a hilly slope?

Yes, you can travel with Yamaha FZ FI V3 on hilly and rugged roads, but the performance won’t be satisfied with the kerb weight of 135 kg.

Is Yamaha FZ FI V3 worth buying?

FZ is an iconic motorcycle, and its popularity is increasing everyday for its performance,
engine, safety and better fuel efficiency compared to other bikes in the segment.

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